Hold Pitt accountable for the promises in the Sustainability Plan

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To whom it may concern:

First and foremost, we are excited that the Sustainability Plan has passed and finally, four years after the year of sustainability, we can start to make a substantial change with support at an administrative level. As you may or may not know, we (the students), have been advocating for more sustainable practices and have been leading sustainability here at Pitt for many years now. Although this student labor was passionate, it was often unpaid and unacknowledged. The University is not doing enough. The Sustainability Plan was a great step in the direction of less unpaid student labor. You cannot deny that students have led sustainability here, now they are excited that the University pledged to join them in the efforts in an Office of Sustainability at an administrative level; an office that is all-encompassing and continues to press for sustainable practices in all departments and aspects of the university. A position for a director of this office under facilities management, as the Director of Sustainability, is described on Pittsource, is not what we had in mind and will not work. A similar position has existed before and therefore this is false progress. Quoted straight from the Sustainability Plan that was signed by the chancellor is to “Establish an Office of Sustainability to oversee and coordinate the implementation of sustainable initiatives across the University.” A position under facilities is not creating an office. We want to believe the University values sustainability and that this plan was not just a delusion to stifle student pressure. We need you to make us believe you.



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