Require that all Pitt students take a black studies course

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Pitt Is Moving to Create a Black Studies Requirement

Thank you all so much for your support of me with this project I've tackled! I am thankful to say that my proposal has gotten the attention of  university leadership and the relevant committees, which has helped to get the ball rolling. I've met with the University Senate's Educational policies committee to further discuss how to move toward implementing Black studies into every first-year student's experience, and several faculty members and other members of the Pitt community are backing me on this. I'll attach some articles here!

Again, thank you all so much for your signatures and insightful, supportive comments. Hopefully there will be more exciting updates soon.

Committee wants to move quickly to create required Black studies course

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Racial justice, our University and the shifting winds of a nation

Sydney Massenberg
1 month ago