Oxford University, Rescind the Sultan of Brunei's Honorary Degree


Oxford University, Rescind the Sultan of Brunei's Honorary Degree

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Started by L E Dee

LGBTQ+ people from Brunei are now at risk of being killed for their sexualities and gender identities, undoubtedly leading many to flee the country and fear for their lives. Under the leadership of the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, laws are being introduced which make anal sex, rape, robbery and adultery offences punishable by death. Lesbian sex will be punishable by 40 strokes of the cane and/or a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail (1). 

In 1993 the University of Oxford granted Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah an Honorary Degree of Civil Law by diploma. Unlike the University of Aberdeen and King's College London, the University of Oxford have refused to consider rescinding this honour (2). This is unacceptable.

Through refusing to rescind the Sultan's Honorary Degree, the University of Oxford indicates that it is content for its name to be tied to human rights abuses and the persecution of LGBTQ+ people. As a world renowned institution, the University should not be linked such legislation and must take a clear stance in opposition to the Sultan's actions.

It is not enough to simply support "international condemnation" of Brunei's new penal code and "back the United Nation's call to stop the code entering into force", as this requires no action by the University itself (3). It is time for the University to take responsibility for its links to governments which oppose basic human rights and freedoms. It is time that the University recognise that its refusal to take concrete action makes LGBTQ+ students and staff members feel that their institution will never prioritise their rights on a global scale. 

We therefore call on the University of Oxford to rescind the Honorary Degree of Civil Law by diploma conferred on Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah in 1993, as a statement of support for LGBTQ+ people worldwide. 


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This petition made change with 117,923 supporters!

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