Remove serial abuser and sexual assaulter - - from the University of Ottawa

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 ( )  is a serial sexual assaulter and abuser who has wreaked havoc on the lives of so many individuals in the Ottawa community and beyond, including mine. He is a manipulator, a narcissist, he was incredibly violent, and held no regard for my consent/lack thereof. He continued to publicly and privately harass me years after the assault - using intimidation - leading to persistent trauma.

For the last four years I have struggled to come to terms with this reality, and have grappled with whether or not I wanted to come forward. Thanks to the bravery of survivors, who shared their own experiences, I feel I have both the courage and obligation to do the same. Now that this information is finally coming to light, it is pivotal that we are supported as we continue to seek justice and accountability for the trauma that  has caused.

  has enjoyed the privileges of keeping this dark secret for long enough, and deserves to face the repercussions of his actions. Further, it is the duty of the University of Ottawa to foster a safe space for it's students. So long as  remains a student at the University, our campus is not safe. As such, we are demanding  be immediately expelled from the University of Ottawa.
I have filed an official complaint with the Human Rights Office, with the intention of pursuing this action. It is my hope that this petition will reflect a broader community desire for accountability, as well as the reality of how many lives  has impacted through his actions.

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In resilience and solidarity.