To remove the old coots from Central Library 1st Floor

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I have nothing against old people. I will be one myself one day. But I am sick and tired of the resources that the University provides us, being abused and ransacked by the 2 old men who read books all day until they pass out. 

Normally I would have no problem, but they are very disrespectful when using the restrooms. They snore, are loud, and are aggressive to young people. 

One of the main crimes they commit is yanking on the hand towel machine, which tears it from the top, and ruins it for everyone else, as then there is no more turning.

They also pull their pants down to the very bottom of their shoes when they are using the urinal. I'm not age-discriminating, but I have not done that since I was 6 years of age.

If you just want to make sure that University resources are not being exploited by people who are not even enrolled at this fantastic institute then please sign this. I just want to study in comfort.