The Firing of Amy Holroyd at UNC Greensboro

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Amy Holroyd is the Costume Studio Supervisor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is a white staff member in the School of Theatre, and has been using her positions of power to bully Black students, and students of color. Amy has a history of harassing students, gossiping about students on school property, and using her costuming assignments as a means of punishment. It is known that she will sabotage costumes if people try to hold her accountable. Students pardon her for her actions due to fear of being put on a probation. Amy is a prominent issue because she is tokenizing students and making peoples ethnicities and appearances to be an inconvenience to her. She is bold, with comments regarding hair texture and stage diversity. She will tip off students about other students she has problems with. She is not fit to be in a position of power, let alone an educator. 

Students should not have to live in fear of their voice when coming out about racial prejudices. She does not create a safe space for students. She must be removed from the staff.