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Let’s take this campaign to the next level

Good Evening, Everyone! I am super excited about the amount of support that we have received over such a short period of time. I've received many heartfelt messages, and it is so heartwarming to see this campus unite over a common issue. The only chance for change that we have is if the student body can come together and present our collective voices to the establishment. While this may not be successful, we must try because it is the right thing to do!  Many people have asked if I would post an image of the controversial social media post, and I will. At first, I was concerned because I didn't want to give it any more of a platform than it already received. However, if it is important for getting people to rally for our cause (albeit there shouldn't really need to be a lot of convincing to stand against homophobia and bigotry), then it is worth attaching here. Please continue to share and promote this petition! It is so important to so many people on campus that we have an SGA President who is going to protect the interests of all students. Here’s a link to share: P.S. I tried uploading the photo according to's personal recommendations. If the picture has issues loading or is formatted poorly, I apologize! I will work on figuring out how to get the photo properly displayed on our petition! Thanks for all of your support!

Patrick McGucken
2 years ago