Acknowledge that Jawad Chafil is on hunger strike, not “camping”.

When a person goes on hunger strike it is a huge statement. Whilst people may or may not agree with the person's reasons for going on hunger strike, they cannot alter the fact that the person is on hunger strike.

At the University of Newcastle, a former student is currently on hunger strike. Yesterday the University Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Caroline McMillen, of the University of Newcastle, Australia, sent an email to all staff informing them that they had a person "camping on the Callaghan campus".

This is not true but is also incredibly demeaning. The University might not like the fact that the former student is on hunger strike - but they cannot change his story to him "camping".

The University is a public institution and they have no right to try to cover-up the identity and actions of Jawad.

Sign this petition to support his hunger strike being acknowledged as such.

 For more information on his strike go to

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