Remove Adams’s “Three Peoples” paintings from Zimmerman Library at UNM

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Kenneth Adams (1897 - 1966), painted the "Three Peoples" painting at the University of New Mexico's Zimmerman Library in 1939. Adams was given strict guidance in the creation of his mural. Then, University President, James Zimmerman, stated the purpose for the murals was so that they would, "represent each of the three major cultures in New Mexico and their contribution to civilization." The first panel depicts faceless Native Americans who are makers of teepees, growers of corn, and makers of tapestry. The second panel shows faceless Hispanics as farmers and builders, while the third panel falsely depicts white people as pioneers of medicine and science. The white man in the fourth panel is the only one with facial features. The fourth panel falsely portrays the white man, front and center, as if he was a superior peacemaker of the "three peoples," which was never true.  Europeans enslaved, raped, murdered, tortured, and stole the land from Native Americans. Europeans never treated People of Color with equality. If they did, they would have given the land back. This mural creates a false narrative of history.  This mural has been the focus of complaints, due to the depiction of Hispanics and Native Americans and exclusion of the contributions of African American people. It perpetuates the myth of white supremacy. Art like this is the root of fake news. Students go to a university to be enlightened, not to be lied to. People of Color are tired of being antagonized by these images. The students and staff of UNM should not be subjected to this hostile environment. It is a poor representation of the University of New Mexico's mission to "Educate and encourage students to develop the values, habits of mind, knowledge, and skills that they need to be ENLIGHTENED citizens, contribute to the state and national economies, and lead satisfying lives," and to "Discover and disseminate NEW KNOWLEDGE and creative endeavors that will ENHANCE THE OVERALL WELL-BEING OF SOCIETY." It also goes against your core values of, "RESPECT - WE VALUE THE IMPORTANCE OF DIVERSITY, FAIRNESS, GOODWILL, AND SPORTSMANSHIP." It should be replaced with something that shows people of color in a more accurate and inclusive light. For those who argue against censorship, we should be asking ourselves why it has been ok to censor the truth of history. Why has it been acceptable to censor the lives of African Americans and American Indians; of their names, identities, and histories- but it's not ok to censor European lies? Besides, it's not completely censored. this PAINting can live on the Internet.