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Please fully fund the UNM Children's Campus

Dear Student Fee Review Board members:

We respect and appreciate the hard work you're doing to allocate the money you've been entrusted in the most fair and equitable manner possible, and we appreciate that you're trying to reduce the impact on each of our wallets. Thank you sincerely for the hours you've spent debating this issue!

We're writing today to encourage you to reconsider Mr. Hoffman's statement in Thursday's Daily Lobo.  

For the low, low price of $15, the UNM Children's Campus serves every student, staff, and faculty member on campus in the following ways:

The program benefits parent-students, who otherwise might have to drop out to care for their children.

The programs helps recruit and retain high-quality professors and staff members, who expect a top research institution to have a leading daycare facility.

The program employs many UNM students in childcare positions, launching their careers in Early Childhood Development and education.

The program helps retain Psychology, Sociology, and Early Childhood students, who use the facility and its customers for their graduate studies. Many of our children are enrolled in studies with graduate students right now!

The program benefits every single non-parent-student, staff, and faculty member on campus, who would otherwise have to deal with students hauling their adorable-but-bored, sweet-but-whiny, noisy-even-when-they're-trying-to-be-quiet preschoolers to class with them.

The program benefits the future of the University, Albuquerque, and New Mexico by ensuring that preschoolers enter Albuquerque schools with the reading, writing, math, and coping skills they need in order to succeed and return to UNM as future students, who will also pay student fees.


Thank you again for your time and your consideration. We appreciate you, and hope you'll do what you can to support the UNM Children's Campus. Please pass our emails on to Board Members Hoffman, Gallegos, and Montoya-Mora.

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