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Let UNH Sophomore AJ Lehman keep his Emotional Support Animals

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Hey friends, I have two emotional Support ferrets living with me in my Eaton House single on the University of New Hampshire Durham Campus (their names are Stephen and Blanche they are very cute, but not the point).

Earlier this semester I was given a warning because their food/water dishes and pee pads were found in the lounge. All things they need, they're living creatures you know? This was cited as a tolieting issue and I was sent photos of their stuff in the lounge and told of it were to happen again they would be removed.

I cleaned up my act and made sure their food and water was brought to my room at the end of each play session. Quit using pee pads (this makes no sense to me wouldn't they be worried about their carpet?)

Now this week I was sent an "Emotional Support animal Eviction Notice". Mind you I got this email Tuesday, they want my service animals gone THIS FRIDAY. I equate this to giving a person using a wheelchair three days to learn how to walk again, even if it isn't possible.

My second and final citation came because ferret litter was found in the dorms toilet. All because I was running late one morning and forgot to flush it, sometimes it takes two or three flushes because it's heavy stuff, but it's disposable and the company that creates it suggests flushing.

Being that I could not go anywhere without these animals for my own wellbeing and safety, the housing department is essentially saying your animals are unfit for our housing environment and you have three days to stay.

The "Fair Housing Act" that allows me to have my service animals and the contract written UNB by housing that I signed at the start of fall semester state "the animal is to be treated as a student".

Now last semester someone pooped in our washing machine. That's right, they pooped. Students do outrageous things constantly and are not forced to leave and I accidentally forget to flush ferret litter and am being forced out of housing. Man people clog toilets with their own messes every day, and we don't even talk about it as not to embarrass them.

All I want is to finish out the semester, based on my experience I never plan on returning to UNH housing. Please sign my petition to help me show that this matters and I deserve to be treated better, and so do my service animals and other students with them. I don't want another student to struggle like this and feel unwelcome in their own home.

Also please feel free to email the assistant director of housing on the issue, she is the one handling the situation and for her to hear more than my opinion would help tremendously. Her name is Colleen Sullivan, don't be too nasty she's a nice woman just doing her job.

Thanks so much
AJ Lehman

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