Partial Refund of Tuition for Students of UNLV

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With the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic all classes at the University of Nevada Las Vegas were changed to an online setting to ensure the safety of the students and faculty. I believe I speak for majority of the UNLV population when saying this was a very reasonable and responsible step to ensuring public safety, and am extremely appreciative for the actions that UNLV has made, but unfortunately it seems as if they have overlooked one key factor. The University has made no attempts to compensate the students in regards to fees and tuition. While we understand the circumstances of COVID-19 are out of UNLV's control, how they compensate their students is very much still in their control. I do not believe that asking for things such as the 223$ "Student Life Facilities Fee" as well as the 82.50$ "Student Health Charge" being refunded to the students is irrational. In the unfortunate circumstances those resources are not available to the students and should not be charged for. According to Gov. Sisolak "300,000 Nevadans have applied for unemployment insurance benefits in the past 30 days" and many of these are students who were already struggling to pay for school while working full time, and I believe that the University knows that. While it is not required for the University to compensate its students it should be in the University's best interests to do so not only to help out its community in rough times, but also lead by example and show that the Rebel Way is one of honesty, fairness and justice. I hope to get as many signatures from students and faculty that agree with this statement and hope to be able to start the initiative in a positive change.