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University of Nairobi needs to recast their memo into not blaming women for their own rape

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University of Nairobi needs to recast the most recent internal memo they sent out concerning the increase in rape cases affiliated the school. Quoting the memo, “In all the 3 incidences reported since last year, a clear case of recklessness in the part of our female students can be drawn.” Now, as sound individuals in the 21st century, living in a world where women rights are recognized and fought for, is it really becoming of an institution to put it out there that women are being blamed for their own rape?

 It does not paint a good picture for the institution or the people who run it, or even the country in endorsing such a prejudiced official document and this petition is a polite request for the memo to be recast to recognize the role rapists play in this, paint them as the true antagonists in the attack of female students from the institution. 

Misogyny has been time and again endorsed by the powers in play in Kenya, and that has got to stop. You do not incriminate females in their own rape cases and get away with it, especially in a school institution set out to mould character. It raises a generation of spiteful, misogynistic and entitled males who will continually keep taking advantage of females, and progress in the country will continuously be impeded as there is no collaboration between all peoples. 

Assuring females of their safety while not blaming them for being taken advantage of is not a hard thing to do, and this petition sets out to ensure that.

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