Change the 75:25 BMS Scheme of Evaluation

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Change the 75:25 BMS Scheme of Evaluation

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Students Grievance Redressal Commitee (Mumbai University), Mumbai University


Reg: Change the 75:25 BMS Scheme of Evaluation


Dear Sir,

We, the students of BMS, would like to express our opinion on the 75:25 marking scheme introduced in the ‘Credit Based Evaluation System’.


We believe that -

1) BMS is a self financing course started (in the year 1999-2000) to offer hands-on training and practical approach to students so that they are prepared to face the challenges of the corporate world.

2) The new marking scheme : based on 75% theory and 25% internals out of which 20% is written exams gives very less value / importance to the practical side of the course i.e. presentations, assignments, projects, industrial visits etc.

3) Due to this change, we as BMS students would get very less opportunities to develop our overall personality by participating and learning from the effective learning methods like working on group projects, preparing for presentations, visiting the industry and learning how the actual industry works.

4) The skills and exposure which our seniors have got from BMS (coz of 60:40 evaluation) gave them an edge over other courses students in the industry.

5) Just learning more theoretical and attempting a 75 marks written exam will not help us to become better managers in future. The course will be more of rote-memory exercise which would kill our talents and skills and demotivate us to attend lectures / participate in class.


Hence, we hereby sincerely request you to re-consider this decision keeping in mind the overall development of the BMS students and importance of the BMS course in the challenging economic scenario where only the fittest survives.


Yours truly,


BMS Students

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This petition had 48 supporters

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