Implement the Callisto Sexual Assault Report Program at the University of Montana

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This petition calls upon the Title IX office at the University of Montana to consider this valuable tool in effective assault reporting and contact the Callisto program. As the Callisto website states, “Reports submitted through Callisto lead to more rapid and thorough investigations and reduce the chances for human error. According to surveys, survivors most often report in order to protect their community. By empowering survivors with pathways to desired outcomes, Callisto helps stop perpetrators sooner and creates a deterrent for other would-be perpetrators.” As Callisto has not received any response from the university on several occasions, this petition serves as an encouragement to the University of Montana to connect with this program.

• 1 in 5 women, 1 in 13 men, and 1 in 4 trans and gender non-conforming students will be sexually assaulted during college.

• A college rapist has a 99% chance of getting away with it.

• 90% of rapes are committed by repeat offenders.

• Catching repeat offenders early could eliminate 59% of all campus assaults. By signing this petition, we call on the University of Montana Title IX office to work with Callisto ( to implement an online reporting system for campus assaults at the University of Montana. This system should include the things assault survivors say they want most, such as Callisto’s assaulter match program which allows for the identification of repeat offenders

• The ability to report their assault online first, at a time, place and pace that works for them — rather than in person when they are not ready, or with a police officer or campus representative who may not believe them. Survivors who visited their Callisto Campus website were five times more likely to report than students who did not.

• The option to preserve their memories and evidence in a secure, time-stamped document, even if they aren’t ready to report yet. On average, students report 11 months after their sexual assault, making it difficult to preserve memories and evidence. Survivors saved details of their sexual assault in Callisto three months after it happened.

• An option to report the assault if someone else reports the same assailant, so they can help protect their community from repeat offenders. Please sign the petition, and/or start a similar petition at your own school. Help make the University of Montana safer for students by implementing a real solution to the nationwide epidemic of campus sexual assault, and encourage other schools to follow suit.