Mr Bodnar-please investigate your Athletic Department.

Mr Bodnar-please investigate your Athletic Department.

May 2, 2020
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#iamwith21 Movement University of Montana President Seth Bodnar
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Why this petition matters

#iamwith21 Movement is starting this campaign to request Seth Bodnar investigate the culture of his Athletics department at the University of Montana. 

Over the past 8 years, this department has been subject to a lack of leadership including:

Department issues:

·Many donors find Haslam’s lack of personality and involvement with them insulting and are moving their donations elsewhere.

·Haslam communicated with people who both encouraged student athletes to transfer as well as advising players to lose a game so Coach Schweyen would be fired. While little communication was shared with head coaches.

·Gender inequality.  University of Montana is tied for last in the Big Sky Conference for having the least female coaches.  Female employees in the department have shared and documented this.

·Unprofessional work environment.  Regular explosive, unprofessional and uninformed outbursts occur in public spaces.

Specific concerns regarding Coach’s Schweyen’s firing:

·A two year contract was promised on March 12, 2020 during a face to face meeting in Boise.

·This promise was reneged on April 1, 2020 over the phone.

·Other coaches with similar or worse standings were rewarded 4 year contracts.

·Any concerns, which led to Haslam going back on his word, were never shared with Coach Schweyen.

Despite increasing private donations by upwards of 1/3, increasing attendance, and climbing every year in rankings, Coach Schweyen was let go.  This wreaks of unethical and unequal treatment by the administration.

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Signatures: 820Next Goal: 1,000
Support now