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Tell University of Missouri to end cruel experiments on beagle puppies

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Six female beagle puppies were purposely injured by researchers at University of Missouri as part of a controversial eye experiment. Half were given a special type of acid to see if it helped heal their damaged eyes. When the experiments failed to provide conclusive and useful information, all the puppies were killed.

Please sign our petition demanding University of Missouri stop any further experiments on dogs.

The fact that this cruel and fruitless experiment was approved by the university’s animal use committee only demonstrates how weak and ineffectual these oversight committees are. Under the law, there is no such thing as an illegal experiment, and these “rubberstamp” committees approve nearly every single application that comes before them. These committees are also shrouded in secrecy.

The shocking and tragic use of public funding for the experiment is outrageous, and now the University is trying to hide documents about the beagles from taxpayers. They want more than $80,000 for access to public documents, and we’re suing them to get access.

Moreover, the researchers admit there were problems with the experiment’s design. Their own report says the sample size of dogs was insufficient to “detect a clinically significant difference in healing rates.” They also said the dogs were likely too young to accurately reflect real world scenarios where eye damage occurs.

No reasonable person can deny that these dogs were in pain following the injury to their cornea. As everyone knows, the eye is an extremely sensitive part of the body. The epithelium of the cornea is filled with thousands of tiny nerve endings.

It’s a shame University of Missouri killed these beagle puppies, and it’s our collective responsibility to create enough public pressure that these experiments will never take place again.

The Beagle Freedom Project helps to rescue and rehome animals after they have been used for animal testing. There’s no reason to kill these animals when good homes await them. We see how these individual animals feel joy and love when they are treated with respect.

Please sign our petition to spare this misery from any more dogs and instead use cutting edge, humane alternatives to cruel animal experiments.

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