U-M Regent Ron Weiser: Resign for Unacceptable Violent Rhetoric

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Responding to pressure, Weiser makes insufficient & vague statement

Hi all - thank you SO MUCH for the rapid response to this petition. Weiser is definitely feeling the pressure: a few minutes ago, he posted this statement. 

It's essentially the same statement he made two days ago, but with more words to make it sound like he's more serious. He still refuses to address the issues we mention in this petition, namely, his continued support of Trump and working with the MI-GOP co-chair who helped plan the rally. He vaguely mentions the Republican party needing to " learn from its mistakes," but makes no indication that he made and incited these mistakes. 

Here's a quick thread that explains the distinction. Let's keep up the pressure, team! #RecallWeiser

University of Michigan Community
3 months ago