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Reverse RHA's vote to implement reverse seniority for housing sign-up.

University Housing has decided to immediately implement reverse seniority for housing sign-up. This means that in January when we sign up for housing current freshmen will have first pick, followed by current sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This order for housing sign up has not been implemented in many years.  Housing revisited this process because the University has been admitting more students than expected in recent years and this has caused a housing crisis. This is being implemented to prepare for the worst, that being that there is not enough housing for everyone that signs up.
Only 6 percent of current residents (including senior Residence Staff members) are seniors and only 9 percent are juniors. These numbers have remained constant for the past 12 years. It is clear that many upperclassmen choose to not return to housing, but it is likely that those who do are enthusiastic about housing. Except for a few 'bad apples' (of which there exist in every class-standing) why else would upperclassmen choose to return to housing when clearly the more popular decision is to live off campus.
Ultimately reverse seniority for housing sign-up could essentially refuse upperclassmen housing. If any significant cut were made it would effect us the most. Using current data provided by the Housing Information Office, if there were 100 freshmen residents, only 45 would go on to become sophomore residents, then 11 juniors, and only 6 seniors (this is including employed Resstaff who are garaunteed a bed).  It is logical to assume that a significant portion of those 55 off-campus sophmores would chose to remain in housing because they would have first pick.  This would mean that there would be even less room for upperclassmen since it's feasible that closer to 80 freshmen residents would become sophomore residents. Similarly, although housing claims there is initiative to keep upperclassmen in dorms, this process discourages upperclassmen; as an upperclassmen, you know where your classes will be localized, why take the risk of having to live on North Campus if your classes will be held on Central? The subtext of this decision will refuse loyal housing members and students who have paid multiple semesters worth of tuition --when current freshmen have only paid less than a semester's worth of tuition-- the option of undergraduate housing which has so many benefits.
These benefits can be viewed on the University of Michigan Housing website, but two examples are that University residents report better GPAs and fewer experiences with Depression --an experience common for University students. Please sign this petition and tell Michigan Housing they cannot deny loyal students the benefits of University Housing.

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