Add mental health component to freshman hall meetings at University of Michigan

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The student body at the University of Michigan severely lacks awareness on the available mental health resources on campus. Many freshmen students are not informed of the resources on campus where they can get support and help during their difficult transition to college.

The University of Michigan administration could solve this problem by making mental health a focal point of hall meetings in freshman dorms. This would call for hiring at least one new staff member whose primary responsibility would be coordinating the mental health education component of these meetings. While this presents an upfront cost to the University, a preventative measure like this would decrease stigmas, the number of students who attempt and succeed with suicide, the trauma associated with mental illnesses, and would save the university time and resources in the long run.

Please sign this petition to call on the administration to address the lack of mandatory Mental Health education for freshmen students, to end the Mental Health stigma on campus, and to make more students aware of the many Mental Health resources available for them on campus.