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University of Memphis: Provide graduate assistants with university-funded health insurance benefits as part of all stipends.

As their employer, the university should provide graduate assistants with quality, affordable health insurance, unlike the optional, expensive, and deficient plan currently available for them to purchase.

Many of the university's peer institutions provide at least partial coverage of health insurance premiums for their graduate assistants. Recruiting and maintaining strong graduate students requires that the U of M keep pace with institutional peers.

Mandatory coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act make access to quality, affordable health insurance all the more pressing. Many graduate assistants are not eligible for parental coverage. Moreover, the burden should not fall on their parents to provide health insurance for them when they are gainfully employed.

Many gradutate assistants have families and dependents of their own, and again, as an employer the university should provide what is a basic employment benefit: quality, affordable health insurance.

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  • Vice Provost Graduate Programs
    Dr. Karen Weddle-West
  • Provost
    Dr. Michael David Rudd

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