Save Burnley library

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The University of Melbourne is planning on cutting the staffed hours of the library on the Burnley campus to 4 hours a day, from Easter 2018. This would mean students would have no access to any books, librarians or resources such as the zoom room (the online connection to Parkville) beyond those 4 hours.

The Burnley campus is the base for students studying the associate degree, master and grad diploma of urban horticulture. As well as many students enrolled in units offered only in Burnley that are based in Parkville. The library is home to a plethora of important texts that are not available online, this change would have radical impacts on students' ability to access the resources needed to complete study and assignments. Many classes take up more than 4 hours day, meaning some students would have no ability to access the library at all.

The Burnley Student Association (BSA) exists to pursue and protect the interests of all students at Burnley campus, but our responsibility also lies with any students that visit our campus.

We call on the university to halt this decision and assure the staff and students that the library will continue to operate the current hours, as it is integral to our learning and the successful completion of our studies.