Create a hybrid or on campus course for international students at UMass Boston

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International students make up approximately 12.5% of UMass Boston’s population. UMass Boston is currently slated to be remote in the fall, which forces all F-1 visa holders to leave the country. Many F-1 visa holders not only attend school here but have families, lives, and homes here, too. To kick them out in a pandemic is not only cruel but also dangerous.  International students contribute so much to our culture (and if you need more reasons to support them, they contribute to our economy, too). They’re valued community members. Many of these wonderful students are unable to even get home because their borders are closed due to COVID-19. They ultimately can’t get home and they’d be stuck here, illegally.

UMass Boston’s statements to international students has been lackadaisical, at best. They noted they were against it and stated they’re following the lawsuits and seeking an injunction but that’s just not enough. They told students to sit tight. Unfortunately, many can’t sit tight as they need to know whether they should transfer or give up their life here if the lawsuits don’t pan out UMB NEEDS to have a contingency plan. It’s not right to let these students, who are already away from their families, suffer from anxiety while they wait for the institution to help them and communicate with them.

Please support all UMass Boston students and urge the administration to do what is right and stand by their students by offering a hybrid or in person course for international students who wish to maintain their legal status and remain in the country.