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Bring "Maryland, My Maryland" back to UMD

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In response to the recent events in Charlottesville VA, the University of Maryland has decided to stop playing the Maryland state song "Maryland, My Maryland" at the university football games.

An article in the school's newspaper, The Diamondback, credits a specific lyric for the decision, that in which the phrase "north scum" is used, and cites that the song has confederate ties and is offensive. The song, written in 1861 during the Civil War, does degrade the northern states, but only reflects an issue that was relevant 150+ years ago during the war, not today in 2017. 

In fact, according to the Baltimore Sun, the Union troops sang "Maryland, My Maryland" to signify their victory over the Confederacy. Therefore, the song has BOTH Union and Confederate ties and represents problems that are irrelevant today. The song does not have any racist undertone nor does it mention anything on the issue of slavery.

Since 1939, the song has been representative of the beautiful, peaceful, and prosperous state of Maryland. To remove this song from the University of Maryland's band playlist is simply a disgrace and shame to all of the students, faculty, and others who are proud to be a Marylander. I would suggest altering the "offensive" lyrics of the song, but the lyrics are not even sang, but rather only the melody is played by the instruments in the band. Therefore, the phrase "north scum" nor any other phrases that are deemed offensive are sang. 

Please sign this petition if you believe it is wrong of the University of Maryland to remove the state's song from the University that represents the entire state of Maryland, its history, and it's values. 

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