Launch Formal OSCAR Investigation of Arman

Launch Formal OSCAR Investigation of Arman

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University of Mary Washington Office of Student Conduct and Responsibility

Why this petition matters

Started by Concerned Students

Recently, a UMW freshman named Arman has been accused (by persons directly involved, those citing his character, and witnesses of the incident) of physically abusing his ex-girlfriend following the discovery of him cheating. Following this and other accusations by community members of assault, this petition was requested to raise formal awareness of the issue to the University of Mary Washington's Office of Student Conduct and Responsibility. In addition to the obvious heinous nature of assault and harassment, these testimonials display a clear trend in behavior by this individual that we believe to pose an ongoing threat to our community.

Given the seriousness of the accusations presented, as well as the volume of testimony regarding this incident and others, we believe not enough is being done by the school's administration to protect members of the UMW community.

The fact that Arman still lives in the same hall and has not appeared to face any repercussions for his actions has caused a direct and quantifiable impact on the mental health and wellbeing of residents of this hall and others in the community, as seen in the regularity at which the incident is discussed on the popular communication app YikYak.

We urge Mary Washington's administration to investigate these incidents with the seriousness and gravity they command, instead of dismissing victims and failing to take into account new testimonial.

Students-- please consider signing this petition to raise awareness to the downright dangerous situation UMW is allowing.

52 have signed. Let’s get to 100!