University of Manitoba: Partial Lab Refunds Amid COVID-19 On Campus Lab Closure

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Every University of Manitoba student has paid a tuition fee. Various faculties break-down the determination of service fees differently. For example, The Faculty of Engineering incorporates the cost of labs within a student's course tuition (there is a flat course fee, regardless of whether a student participates in a lab section or not). Conversely, the Faculty of Science issues a "Laboratory Fee" to total tuition costs, separate from course fees. Regardless of how the laboratories are paid for, students have nonetheless paid, in part, for labs.

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, The University of Manitoba has shut down on-site laboratories for the remainder of the 2020 Winter term. However, educational laboratory exercises have not been completed for the Winter 2020 term. Students have paid, in-part, for a service they will not receive.

This petition's goal is to gather student backing from all departments and faculties to request partial refunds for the costs of laboratory sections. The hope is to apply a partial tuition credit for the following academic year, this Fall 2020. 

This petition respects the various University of Manitoba staff, administration and educational employees who have worked tremendously hard to save our academic year.