UoM divest from companies complicit in Israel's war crimes

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We are asking the University of Manchester (UoM) to divest from companies who are complicit in Israel's war crimes. UoM is the only University in the country to hold social responsibility in its top 3 values, yet infringes upon its own Socially Responsible Investment policy every day by holding investments in these companies. Therefore, we feel that the University should adhere to its own policy and divest from companies who help sustain Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land as well as Israel's apartheid regime.

One of these companies is Caterpillar, who UoM currently hold around £2,114,435.97 worth of shares in. Caterpillar supply armored bulldozers to the Israeli army (IDF) for the specific purpose of demolishing Palestinian homes, factories, agricultural land and civilian infrastructure in illegally occupied territory. This is a violation of international law and UoM is complicit in this by holding investments in Caterpillar.

The UN Human Rights Council has included Caterpillar in their Blacklist of companies who have products that are known to be used in violating the human rights of civilians and actively breaking international law. It could not be any clearer that UoM's investments in Caterpillar break the University's own Socially Responsible Investment policy, yet they still continue with these investments. This can go on no longer.

As students, we cannot sit by silently as our tuition fees are used to systematically oppress and infringe on basic human rights.

More information about UoM's unethical investments can be found here: https://bdsuom.com/current-university-investiment/