Public and Open hiring process

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     The University of Louisville is currently in the process of hiring a new president. They have decided to make this a closed and private process. As University of Louisville graduates and students we are very powerful and the fact that they are trying to make this selection process private is a form of oppressing our power. Under these secret leadership practices we have experienced:

1.       Accreditation Probation

       a.       Possible loss of federal money

       b.      Losing ability to compete in the NCAA

       c.       Degrees Losing Value

       d.      Credits not being able to transfer to another University

2.       Basketball Coach Fired

3.       Athletic Director Fired

4.       Interim Athletic Director hired under the guise of getting a beer

5.       President resigning

     Now is the time to show a united front against these unfavorable practices. Signing this petition means you do not agree with the university’s private president hiring process. Also as alumni you will withhold your donations unless the process is made public. Signing this petition does not mean that you are backing a particular candidate.

     It is time to restore our university’s name and that begins with leadership. An open and public selection process shows transparency in these uncertain times. Stand with your university and the community that it supports. Do not let your voice go unheard. Do not give up your power!

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