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Postpone University of London Exams due to COVID -19

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Due to COVID-19, many Universities around the world have been shut down for the sake of public safety and to contain the virus.

However, the University of London (UoL), communicated that the final details of the undergraduate assessment plans would be notified on the 31st of March 2020
Refusing to exercise any sort of leniency towards the students. The UoL expects students to sit for their exams in May, regardless of the University closure.

At the time of writing, the UoL has no plans to alter the May exam schedule

Even when Oxford University decided to cancel exams considering the "gravity" of the situation the World is facing.

As of today (20.03.2020), there are 65 confirmed patients who have contracted the virus within the country and the statistics indicate that this number is only going to increase, not to forget the fact that an unquarantined group who has returned from overseas and weren't subjected to tests or quarantine is circulating around the country without revealing themselves.

We’re circulating this message between you all since the UoL LinkedIn account and website recently posted saying that " the administration branch will be closing today, 20th March 2020 at 4 pm". So this request must be made to the UoL before the aforesaid time.

We need to let UoL know that they need to take initiative and show mercy towards the students by modifying the exam schedule and allowing the candidates to sit for their exams as soon as it is safe. One of the suggestions is to alter the time table. We encourage you to use your individual inquiries for this task.
We understand these are overwhelming times for all, but we do not want to feel compelled to make the difficult choice between our health on one hand or our future careers on the other.