Make July 2021 Graduation Happen for Uni of Liverpool Students!

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Update on the graduation petition.

Thank-you so much to everyone who has signed, and shared the petition so far.

A few points that have claim to light since the petition started. 

- Although we have have stated the 2021 cohort, this DOES apply to the 2020 cohort too. We realised after the petition was made that they still haven't had theirs yet, so yes this does include them! So please share to them too, they matter just as much. 

- I have recently received an email from Gavin Brown about the justifications for cancelling, they included: the new India variant, not everyone will be vaccinated, and international students may not be able to travel. Although other Universities (such as John Moores and Edge Hill) don't seem to have these worries, they have made plans to ensure that these issues are mitigated. Given that on the 21st June all restrictions could be lifted, including those for international travel, these excuses follow no justification. 

Thank-you once again for the support, please keep sharing with everyone you know, the more signatures the bigger the impact!


Sophie Pantellerisco
4 months ago