Extension on Coursework Deadlines proportionate to # of days Uni Systems were down

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All Library resources have been inaccessible to students beginning on (aprox.) January 3, 2019; making it incredibly difficult to access the appropriate documents required to complete coursework. Given that students are overwhelmed with writing coursework and revising for exams, most opt for developing a schedule in order to fit everything in and make good use of time, Having no access to data bases required to complete assignments simply throws all plans off track. For instance, many students will now be using revision time to complete coursework that they had intended to have had done several days in advanced and so all preparation time Is being cut down.

University of Liverpool Students call for a blanket extension to all Coursework deadlines in the Exam period of January 2019 that is proportionate to the number of days in which they were without adequate and guaranteed university resources. This is the only way that students will be granted a fair opportunity to portray their understanding and knowledge in their work whilst also revising adequately for any upcoming examinations.