Albertan Students Against Tuition Rise

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Dear Universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge,

We are your student body. We are a diverse group of people, each with our own stories. Education is supposed to be able to reach everyone who wishes to achieve it, however, by raising tuition you are restricting the people that come to your university. We cannot afford higher tuitions, and we should not have to spend a ridiculous amount of years paying off debts just so we can receive a certificate. The salaries you pay your deans are extremely high, then you hire more administration so as to have more people backing you. Then you attempt to make up the difference via our tuition. As students, this is what we propose you do. Take the government cuts out of the highest-paid employees of the universities. An administration does not need to be paid as high as they currently are. It is simple economics.

The average wage of a student is $15/hr. If a student goes to work part-time for four months, they will have $6000 and the minimum wage is most likely to go down. This is around what tuition costs with no living expenses. The cap is off of tuition, but we're still broke. You're firing more professors thus restricting our access to education. You pay the higher-up's ridiculous salaries, so why is our tuition being raised?

We look forward to hearing from you,


Your Student Body

P.S. If you would like some statistics to check your facts, here are some of your own disclosure forms and some other things to look at to get you started: 

The University of Alberta:


The University of Calgary 

- for this one U of C, you may want to check your website because you pay your staff.


The University of Lethbridge