Save the Paternoster in the Attenborough tower

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We believe that the Paternoster lift is a piece of engineering history and a fundamental part of the Attenborough Tower. It contributes not only to the fabulous character of the building but is also phenomenally practical for the large number of students and staff who need to ascend and descend the Tower.

Although it has had some problems in upkeep, the continued reparation of the Paternoster will no doubt be cheaper and less disruptive than gutting the Tower and building a replacement elevator in its stead. In all likelihood this will not improve the speed and efficiency of the existing lift system as the Tower is simply too large, leading to long and frustrating wait times.

The works during the Christmas and Easter vacations will lead to full closure of the Tower, which will provoke chaos for the staff working within it.

Also, we just love the Paternoster. Where else can you uncomfortably share a small space with a stranger and talk about the weather for 17 floors. Also going over the top and bottom and seeing the Anarchy in the UK posters is always a hoot.

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