Support University of Leeds Masters students from University injustice.

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On June 17th 2020, the University of Leeds suddenly decided to push back some of their master courses until Jan 2021 without any acknowledgement as to how it’ll affect student’s future prospects especially domestic masters students. They’ve created a feeling amongst students that they are prioritising the money from international students over the prospective careers of their students because they justify their decision based on a research they conducted with 'over 6,000 worldwide offer-holders' but they have not considered the serious ramifications of their actions especially on domestic students. This decision will majorly impact grad opportunities/jobs and funding.  It was a sudden announcement as the uni made no prior indication that they would change some of their masters course dates, which has resulted in many students already signing legally binding housing accommodation contracts for the upcoming year; contracts that will now expire mid-course for a lot of students. As a result of entering into these contracts, a non-optional January start date will mean that students will have to self-fund 6 months worth of rent and bills without any financial support as Student Finance will only finance the student from their course date. This will affect all the students who have had their course dates suddenly pushed but it will also affect the working class the most, which actually violates the university's own equality policies. This is an unfair and unjust system that has legal ramifications as well as the fact that it is contradictory to the university's prior announcements and it violates some of their own policies. Yet, they are still maintaining the stance that this non-optional January decision only affects 'a small set of applicants', which is not the case at all as evidenced by the fact that the Leeds Student Union has aligned with us as they’re also of the opinion that this is wrong and it’s affecting more than ‘a small set of students’. If we were wrong, Leeds Student Union would not have aligned with us.

We, the students of Leeds University, advocate for an approach that will benefit both the students and the university: we are demanding that the university gives the student the choice to start in September 2020, as planned when we applied, and in January for those unable to start in September. This is not a novel approach as many universities such as Queen Mary’s and Loughborough etc have already given this option to their masters students.

Please help us fight this grave injustice. Please help us right this wrong. Please help us save our futures by signing this petition. All donations are welcome as a mere £1 is very significant in boosting our petition and a step closer to saving our futures.