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University of La Verne: Open the Cardio Room 24/7

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Last year the students of the University of La Verne expressed their concern over the dismal hours in which the cardio room is staffed. The University expanded hours and promised even more expansion this year. Now the cardio room is open 4 hours on the weekdays. This cannot be ignored.

Being a student usually entails inherently leading a generally sedentary lifestyle. To make matters worse, students also experience high stress levels. To combat this, it is imperative that the University of La Verne has exercise facilities open to students at all time. One major additional benefit of having said facilities open is the fact that students who engage in physical activity tend to be happier and thus more productive. A more productive student populous would translate to increased performance and in turn higher GPAs and test results, thus increasing in the University's prestige.

Furthermore, as a student paying a premium to attend the University of La Verne, a 24hour gym should be among the basic included amenities.

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