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Make recording lectures compulsory for all modules within KBS.

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This petition is to make lecture recording compulsory across the whole of Kent Business School at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

Lecture recording is currently done at the lecturers discretion. Many students agree this is unfair and is not reflective of the students best interests. Looking back at lectures is an excellent revision tool and can help to receive higher grades and reaffirm the Kent Business School's position as an innovative and leading school for business. 

We are wholly behind KBS creating an attendance based system for releasing lecture recordings. Currently, the Psychology School does this, so it would be easy to get advice on how to implement this within our School. For example, only those who attend lectures get access to the lectures (unless the absence is authorised). 

Also if it is preferred, we are happy for lectures to only be released at the end of Second Term as revision aids for the Exams, if this is preferable to the lecturers.

We are not creating this petition so we can sleep through our 9ams but so that we are given the best possible chance to succeed, and help us work to reach our full potential.

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