Transparency and fairness in International Student Fees

Transparency and fairness in International Student Fees

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Hollie Hall
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The University of Kansas agreed to a 0% tuition raise for the academic year 2020-2021 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Unfortunately, simultaneously the university decided to double the international student fee from $160 a semester to $310 which as a result disproportionalty negatively affects international students. This is after the fee increased by 60% from $100 in 2018 to $160 in 2019.

Furthermore, international students can only work on campus due to our visa requirements and KU is in a hiring freeze, so we have no ability to earn the extra money they are now requiring.  

We are asking the University of Kansas to abide to their original commitment of proposing no increase in tuition and fees.This commitment should apply to ALL students.

a) Therefore, we demand a freeze of the International Student Fee to remain at the $160.00 rate of FY 2020.

b) Consider diversifying funding sources so that the burden of maintaining the ISS office is not only supported by the fee dollars of international students, which are already very elevated. We are fully aware that out-of-state domestic students also pay a very elevated price per credit.  We are simply demanding that the extra fees we have to pay as international students stay the same. This decision will help ease the restraints of both the ISS Office and International Students.

c) Be more transparent about how tuition and fees paid by international students are being distributed throughout the University, considering ISS has already had to make several structural adjustments due to lack of funds. In addition, we urge the University to be more transparent in their communication to the international student community regarding changes in tuition and fees, as we learned about this through the UDK. Additionally, last year when our fees were also increased we didn’t find out until two weeks after the start of the semester.

d) Lift the hiring freeze impeding students’ ability to work for the University so international students have a chance to remain fiscally solvent amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We feel that the University is exploiting and alienating us, the international community, exacerbating divides between students domestic and international already present in the Jayhawk Community. We implore the University to treat us better and embody the values of Diversity and Inclusion that KU has proclaimed as paramount.

Please sign and share the petition if you are in agreement that this is an unjust way to treat international students.