Tell UIUC Administration to combat Food Insecurity in Champaign County

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On October 14th, the Illinois Student Government at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign passed Resolution "Food Insecurity in Champaign County" which seeks to have the university combat food insecurity in partnership with Natural Path Nutrition Inc. to deliver food to high risk individuals on a targeted basis. The resolution asks for the university to create a program that can aid in this delivering of food.

Individuals, primarily women, are survivors/victims of intimate partner violence and there is a connection between food insecurity and intimate partner violence. The Champaign Police Department has stated before that one of the most frequent calls they receive are calls for domestic violence. 

The creation of a diversion program that "depowers" the police - removing responsibility and placing it onto other organizations and the community, invites individuals involved in intimate partner violence into programs that focus on rehabilitation and transformative justice based on needs assessments and actively helps them with food insecurity and food preparation.

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