Resident fee for International Low Income Student

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I am a student in Urbana Illinois. I came from Mexico legally, with a Visa. I studied and completed middle school and high school in this town. Overall, I have been living in Illinois for more than seven years. I have payed taxes, worked, payed insurance for myself and have obtained good grades from all of my schools.

Currently, I am a college student in Parkland College who wishes to attend the University and complete my dream of becoming an Art Teacher. I would also be the first in my family to attend a University in the US. Based on all the struggles I have faced and two years studying to transfer, I am very sad and desperate because my family cannot afford to pay for the University of Illinois. This means I will not be able to continue or finish my studies here. 

Moving to Mexico is an option. However, my classes wont transfer and I would lose two years of studying. Also, whatever license I obtain there will not work in the US to teach. I have emailed several people in the University about my issue, but nobody seems to care. I have also submitted a Residency Petition to be considered a resident for tuition purposes, but I was denied. 

All I am aiming to change by submitting this petition is to have enough people care about this issue and demonstrate the University. I want to be considered a resident in the University's eyes in order to pay less. International tuition is almost double the cost of normal tuition and this is what makes it impossible. 

I just wish people could treat me the same based on my years living in the US legally, the good grades that I have obtained and my willingness to continue my studies here. 


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