DEAD LION: Stop Racism at Red Lion

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Jennifer Villanueva
Jennifer Villanueva signed this petition

I am a senior at UIUC, and last week was my first time going to the Red Lion in Campustown.  I witnessed firsthand discrimination and I saw two employees physically assault two of my friends. 

Security Guard #8 told my friends there was a $20 charge for students without an iCard.  I witnessed Security Guard #8 let white patrons without an iCard pay only $5 as opposed to the stated $20 charge. My two African American friends and I paid our fee and waited by the door for our other group of friends to enter. While waiting, I observed as they let two white women enter the establishment for only $5 total, and one of the women did not have her iCard with her. 

Security Guard #8 said it was ok for my friend to go in and use the restroom. On her way to the bathroom, Bouncer #312 grabbed my friend’s dress, pulled her back and grabbed her around the stomach; he accused her of not paying. As Bouncer #312 assaulted friend #1, a second friend  asked him “what’s going on?” Bouncer #312 then grabbed (assaulted)  friend #2 and said “They’re psycho, get them out of here!” 

I have shared my story on Twitter, at least 40 Black and Latinx students have shared similar stories about the horrific racial injustices they have faced at Red Lion. Multiple people have also shared racist encounters (outside of Red Lion) with Bouncer #312 and Security #8.

We must not allow this to keep happening. We need change, immediately!

Please sign this petition and boycott Red Lion until they meet the following demands:

  • Issue a public apology that addresses their on-going practices that discriminate against Black and Brown students, including the recent event on June 5, 2020. The apology should acknowledge how their employees caused harm, and it should detail the specific actions Red Lion will take to address these concerns.
  • Fire Bouncer #312 and Security Guard #8 who were directly involved in the incident on June 5, 2020; these workers practiced discriminatory entry policy AND, moreover, Bouncer 312 physically assaulted two women on the premises.
  • Institute a mandatory diversity and ethics training for all employees and require them to handle all patrons with dignity and respect.
  • Hire additional Black and Latinx employees and managerial staff.