Keep the University of Houston’s Parking Policies the Same!

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What is the new parking plan? 

The lots scattered around campus will now be clustered together & compromised of zones. Students can only park in one zone & the zones are administered on a first come, first serve basis. The zone passes last for a full academic year & cannot be changed for another zone. Parking passes will also now be more expensive. 

The proposed zone parking plan for the 2018-2019 school year is filled with flaws. Such as the following:

1. We are paying more money for a pass with less parking options to choose from. 

2. Most students will utilize more than one zone for the academic year, especially freshman-sophomores due to their classes typically being more sporadic.

3. The shuttles do not run long enough hours nor do they cover all of the parking zones. More students will be forced to walk further distances especially if they have classes in scattered buildings. 

4. Students that live on campus should have the flexibility to park near their residence during night hours. If a student that lives in Calhoun Lofts is forced to get a pass near TDECU stadium, their safety becomes compromised as there are 1) no shuttles that run through that area & 2) they are forced to walk across campus at late hours to get to & from their dorms to their cars. This will cause more demand from university police for escorts. 

5. The zones hurt more people than they help. Like always, students that show up early morning or late in the afternoon for classes will essentially be guaranteed whatever spot they want. The same thing will happen when zones are implemented. Except now, students that show up during prime traffic hours (9:00am-1:00pm) no longer have the freedom to search for spots close to their desired area OR park further out (lots 9C, 8A &8B) & shuttle to the main points of campus. They have to prematurely choose their pass & hope that their option will be ideal for them. 

6. Incoming freshman & transfer students will not even have a chance to choose from all of the zones. With UH’s current parking situation, students have been able to buy student passes all the way through September with ease. Now these students who are not familiar with campus whatsoever must decide from a limited list of options where they need to park. This leaves no room for flexibility & will make UH look less attractive to future prospects. 

Overall, this new plan is implementing the same model that’s used for garage parking to the entirety of campus. Those who WANT garage parking buy garage passes. Those who DONT, want the flexibility of student passes. Especially with more student garages being built, students should get the right to CHOOSE between both models! 


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