Give us MORE microwaves on College Lane campus!

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We are asking for a simple thing. More microwaves on college lane campus. Two microwaves is simply NOT enough to cater for the number of people who study and work here everyday. 

We propose having:

- 2 microwaves in the LRC 

- 1 in the Main Reception cafe 

- 2 microwaves in the Forum. 

That is only THREE more microwaves! But it will make such a difference when you only have a 1 hour break for lunch and there is a HUGE queue of other like-minded thrifty students like yourself. At the moment there is only one microwave on opposite ends of the large campus. 

The student satisfaction ratings would improve significantly as we know that this is an issue that the majority of students feel strongly about. 

As students are facing ever greater pressures financially and also to eat more healthily this would help this effort tremendously.

Please GIVE us MORE MICROWAVES and your NSS score will thank you!