Delay the final professional exams instead of forcing medical students to risk their lives

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The educational activities of all medical institutions of the country have merely reduced to the almost useless online lectures. Since the closure of these institutions in March, students of the third, fourth and final year have suffered great loss in terms of their medical training, the major part of which involves going to wards and interacting with real patients. This, however is even more important for the final year students, the interns-to-be.

In the light of the recent revelation by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences, that the final professional exam WILL NOT be delayed is not only an essentially stubborn decision that seems to be guided solely by ego; but also, one that completely forsakes the principles of medical education and training. It should be noted that exams form only a part of our life as a medical student.

What is even more troubling, and embarrassing for a medical university, is to completely and utterly ignore the Coronavirus pandemic. Decisions like these make one doubt the collective wisdom of the administrators of such an institute.

Thus, we, medical students, request (and hope) that the exams (and the session, if possible) be delayed for the greater good of the upcoming doctors, not only training wise, but also, taking in consideration the health risk that comes with implementation of such decisions regarding medical education and wards amidst this global health crisis.