UoG some tuition fee refund

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Although, the classes are online, we are limited on the services that we are receiving from university. Such as enrollment services,  center for international students, student financial services, program counselling services, etc being closed and most importantly for some courses the professors are not providing any online class and are planning to only post notes. This is not sufficient for us specially for first year students.we aren't getting any free extra help which we had on 3 floor and now we need to hire tutors while we have paid this to the university. Also, we aren't able to use any facilities or the buildings. Be respectful to international students and those who have no job and are in bad financial stage that can't pay for tutors.� If we were to read over the notes and spend hours to understand a topic we wouldn't chose to come to university! I also want to grab your attention that all schools and universities all over the world are having online classes and are able to ask questions live while UoG is not providing this to us! For those interested in getting their money back, please sign this petition, share it with your Guelph friends, and email the university as well as messaging them on social media.