Guelph-Humber Should Reimburse Digital Communications Students for Web Design Class

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Third year DC students in the Media Studies program at Guelph-Humber university did not get the education they paid for regarding the Web Design course. This course is what separates Digital Communications students from Visual Communications students. This course is essential to continue their education as the following semester contains Web Design 2. Students did not learn Advanced html, css coding or javascript as promised. The first professor cancelled several classes before the fall break and then was replaced with a new professor that had no knowledge of what the students had missed out on. Student's had missed half of the semester's classes due to the professor cancelling classes and the time needed to find a replacement professor. Students had the opportunity to drop the class with no academic penalty, but would not be refunded and would have to retake the course, setting them back from graduating for an entire semester due to one course. 

Students will not be compensated because the "course outcomes have been met", quoted from assistant program head Adam Miller, who stated the registrar claims this. Guelph-Humber should be held accountable for inconveniencing their students, taking their money without giving what is owed-education.

Miller also states: "Since students pay a flat fee for the term, they are not paying for instruction by the hour, but rather for the completion of between four and five credits per semester. As it currently stands, you are on track to complete the course, which is ultimately what was paid for"

This quote proves a fatal flaw with our post-secondary education system. We are paying for a credit- a degree. We are not paying to be formally educated and come out of our programs with knowledge needed to become a working professional that stands apart from people who have not attended post-secondary institutions.

This is like buying a box of crayons where half are missing but you can't get money back because you paid for the box, not the contents inside. You'll still be able to colour since you've got purple and yellow so technically your "colouring outcomes" have still been met.

It's important to note that time is valuable and cannot be reimbursed. Students will have to take more time out of their lives to learn the course material they were not taught as promised. Some may be set back an entire semester. Some may have to take time away from their other classes to teach themselves the material they missed. This is a huge inconvenience that is at no fault of the students. 

If you feel like your understanding of the course content has not been met during this semester by no fault of your own and that you deserve partial compensation please sign this petition. If you are not directly affected by this but feel like students deserve what they paid for, please sign this petition.