Education and Action Against Racism In Ontario Universities

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The n-word is considered a racial slur as well as a form of hate speech. The goal of this petition is to have all girls in a resurfaced video be recognized and take accountability for their behavior and the extreme implications of violence and racism behind their words.

I encourage each of the associated Universities to require diversity and inclusion training for each of the individuals involved in the video—education is power especially during a time where racism and colorism are rampant in society. People need to be aware that their negative actions hold consequences, as little to no action has been taken.

Awareness needs to be brought to light about this video and the situation that is currently going on in Universities across Ontario including Guelph, Laurier, Western and Waterloo. Racism is peaking every day across Ontario and the world. This type of behaviour NEEDS TO STOP!!!! Let's encourage accountability and proper education for these actions, this can't happen again.