Cancel UofG Finals

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, university students across Ontario have been suffering academically due to a sudden shift to online learning.  While many students have opted out of Distance Education options in the past because they are not subtle to their learning style, that is no longer an option.  While other institutions have sought out ulterior options, Guelph has not. Students have been severely impacted by this pandemic including being given seven days to vacate their on-campus residences, library and athletic centre closures, not to mention the growing concern for health and well-being. 

In a time that is already incredibly difficult, the University of Guelph has tasked their students with learning in the confines of their homes with all public buildings closed and public gatherings banned for the near future.  Student supports that thousands of students have relied on have been stripped away, including SLG sessions, library and SAS workshops as well as the experiential learning that comes from being involved on campus.  Many students do not have the luxury of a quiet home, with reliable internet access and the other tools required to be successful in an online environment.  This is a situation and circumstance that could not have been foreseeable however we urge the university to act in a manner that fosters the health and well-being of their student body.  No online seminar or lecture will ever compare to the impact of the in-class and in-person experience. 

During a time where focusing on studies is practically impossible and the stress of outside factors are weighing heavily on all Canadians, young adults should not be expected to endure an already stressful process when is final examinations.  Some professors at the University have already sought out measures to eliminate final exams in their courses including: re-weighting all materials that have already been submitted; offering optional assignments for students concerned about not receiving the credit; providing students with the option to take their current mark as their final mark.  As students, we seek to see consistency in our university and throughout our community. 

In this unprecedented time, we should be focusing on our families and our health, not exams and submitting our last few assignments.