Protect Humanities

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With discussions taking place about possible cuts and redundancies being made within the Humanities department at Glos, it's important our voices are heard in support of the people who make our University experiences what they are. We believe that financial cuts to our department will have detrimental effects not only on Francis Close Hall, but a whole generation of academics and students alike. Our futures are rooted in the areas covered within Humanities subjects and are, now more than ever, vital to be invested in. Many Humanities students develop essential analytical, forward-thinking attitudes and skillsets that are the key to future change in so many areas of our society. None of that is possible without the resources and outstanding lecturers among our department, who consistently go above and beyond for each of us, with a genuine passion for their subjects and the discussions involved in them. As our lecturers support us through the long and tough years of University, so too do they deserve our support. Sign this petition to show you want to keep Humanities alive and thriving for future generations of students.