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Around 1 in 30 people in the UK currently study at University. These institutions provide us with our collective understanding of the climate and ecological crises we face, but, despite their duty of care towards these students, they themselves have failed to take the necessary action to mitigate against the worst cases of climate breakdown and ecological collapse.

In May 2019, the UK Parliament – and since then many universities – declared a climate emergency. We are facing an unprecedented environmental crisis, and with the UK’s Committee on Climate Change stating that “there is a window over the next 12-18 months to do something about this,” we must act now. 

Our current food system is unsustainable. Animal farming and fishing accounts for 86% of all the farmland we use, but only contributes 18% of our global calories. Whilst being an inefficient means of producing ‘food’, the inclusion of animals in our food system is also extremely environmentally damaging.

Animal farming and fishing is responsible for, at a minimum, 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, which is more than all of transportation – every plane, train, automobile, boat, etc. – combined; it is also responsible for 67% of all deforestation and a switch to a plant-based food system could reduce the amount of farmland we use by 76% (land that could be returned to nature). For the UK, this means that up to 48% of our land that is used for animal agriculture could return to forests, helping to store carbon and support wildlife.

Our campaign is driving the University of Glasgow's transition to being plant-based. This is a necessary but not sufficient step in fulfilling their responsibilities to their students' safety, and to wider systems sustainability. Our campaign will be fuelled by grassroots student movements across the country, demanding for our universities to lead the frontier of sustainability.

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