Open Letter to the University of Exeter

Open Letter to the University of Exeter

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Abi Y
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This is NOT a petition - just a letter to voice the widespread discontent of students at the University of Exeter.

Students, feel free to add positive experiences with Exehonestly here: we will submit these to the uni as well.

Dear University of Exeter,

We are writing to you in regards to the handling of the Exehonestly situation. Frankly, we find how you deal with issues regarding racism or PC culture at this university appalling. Targeting those who run an anonymous confessions page and not respecting their right to privacy, even those they are willing to make concessions, is not on at all. Some of us are people of colour that have been victims of casual racism, and we can tell you that this isn’t going to work at all. Institutionalised racism must be targeted at its origin - you can’t keep cutting the branches off a rotten tree and hope it fixes the roots. Your scrambling attempts to save the university’s reputation after BLS will not do anything to solve these issues.

It has been a joint consensus for a while that the university only really cares about students when it comes to how it may affect the reputation of the school and thus its funding.

The page Exehonestly existed as an outlet to many of those who felt marginalised or disenfranchised by the university system that frankly barely listens to the opinions of its students (see the whole digital check-in fiasco, or how terrible ELE is). It is vital that students have a means to express their opinions when we do not feel like we are being heard at all. Community is such an important part of the university experience, and Exehonestly was one of the things that brought otherwise wildly different people together. Please note that this is not just a reaction to the page situation, it is also an accumulation of issues and how badly you’ve dealt with them.

As a well respected educational institution funded by the students themselves, you need to do better. We want you to know that we care about the reputation of the University as much as you do. We don’t want our future employers seeing any more of the horrible headlines about ignorance and racism happening at the Uni. But rather than temporarily sweeping the issue under the rug, we would like to tackle the underlying root of the problem by having open and honest discussions with other students. We are people that have opinions and views that may not always be correct however through the power of discourse we can all learn from one another which you as an educational establishment should know best.
We want to ensure that this type of horrible behaviour doesn’t happen online and on campus, which will take a bit more than turning a blind eye to what people have to say. We would be happy to work with you to achieve this and are thoroughly disappointed you would not engage in dialogue with the Exehonestly admins as shown by the emails. Just because something is out of your sphere of control, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.